Hypnotic Sales Techniques for Sales and Business
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Put the power of science on your side.
Start pushing the different hidden
neural buttons of men and women...
and make ANYONE say, Yes.

Selling to Men, and Women?
Then You NEED to Know These Facts:

The brains of men and women are physically different.

Men and women prefer different stimuli.

Men and women both respond to covert hypnotic signals.

Men and women respond best to different hypnotic signals.

To achieve the sales success and selling satisfaction you want as quickly and easily as possible, you need the power and effectiveness of Gender-Based Subliminal Selling.

Ready to Make Money? Then Let's Make It Simple:

Hypnotic Selling Will NEVER Be As Effective As It Could Be... Until You Learn to Know the Exact Difference Between Male and Female Minds... Until You Learn the Different Secret Built-In Triggers in Men's and Women's Minds... And Pull These Secret Built-In Mental Triggers... So You Can Laugh and Howl As You Pull in Money and Power and Success Like a Frickin' Pleasure Magnet!

Why? Because...

Men and Women Get Incredibly Excited--
and Subconsciously Decide to Buy
and Take Massive Action--

in Radically Different Ways...

Because Men's and Women's Brains
are Physically Different
(See the Scientific Proof Below!)

So Men and Women Naturally Have Different Hypnotic
Hell YES I Want This

Secret Instinctive Buying Triggers!
NLP Selling CDs

So Squeezing These Secret Hypnotic Triggers Can Help You Punch Holes-- Routinely!-- in Even the Hardest Sales Targets... Skyrocketing You into Fantastic Sales Success!

Feedback via Email from a User of the GBSS Hypnotic Selling Course:
"(I)..closed the next 13 between
Thurs and Friday!!!!
That's just shy of a
93% kill rate

--M.B. Seattle, WA

What Incredible Experiences Do You Not Have the Time and Money to Fully Enjoy, Because You Aren't Using the Cutting-Edge Sales Hypnosis Techniques Below?

STEP 1: Let's Review the Revolutionary, Belief-Busting Techniques
You are About to Learn
for Hypnotically Selling to and Persuading Men
  • Shifting:
    How to disarm his suspicion... while making him into your natural ally... because, logically, it's in his own best interest! (Imagine meeting with tough, gray-faced, suspicious Mr. Prospect--and then, with a few simple twists, seeing and feeling him relax, so he's ready to go along and buy!)

  • Grinding:
    How to seize and squeeze a man's natural fear and anxiety... increasing his inner tension... until he says... "I'll buy, already!" (Get Mr. Prospect's hidden inner fear on your side--squeeze and twist until he can't take it anymore... and he knows he needs to buy right now!)

  • Symbolizing:
    How to use your body to turn concepts into big, black, heavy things that crush his resistance and light, sweet, tasty things that pull on his desire! (Put a leash on Mr. Prospect's imagination... when he hesitates, pull the things he dreads ever closer, so they loom large in his thoughts, and he can feel what it would truly mean to lose out, and that image is as clear as making him see his earthly possessions being hauled away, or making him stand beside his own ivy-covered, forgotten graveside. Don't just talk about what he needs to avoid and what he needs to do now--show him, physically--make him stare headfirst-- at what he has to lose by not accepting the need to buy right now... and on the other hand, showing him--physically, instinctively, effectively--the brilliant upside to taking action and buying right now!)

    Hint: If you're thinking submodalities... well... that's not it at all!

    Do you want to know the secret of symbolizing... before or after someone uses it on you?

    Hint: If you're thinking of old-fashioned NLP "symbol manipulation," well... that's not it either!

    Do you want to use this or be used by this? Decide now, before it starts happening to you!

  • Stacking:
    How to reinforce your credibility so powerfully... that he's scared not to help you... because you could help someone else, someone who wants to steal his girl and take his money! (Lodge that rough, dark, solid, dense feeling of stony certainty deep in Mr. Prospect's gut--make him feel, instinctively, just how much you can do... for him... or against him! Make his growing feeling of respect for you stand so high... that just looking up at you... makes him want to start buying in right now--because he knows what kinds of bad things will happen if he doesn't!)

  • Plugging His Skull with PSR:
    How to apply the simple tool that makes whatever you're talking about, the thing he has to focus on... the thing he has to reckon with... the thing he has to factor into every equation... or suffer the consequences! It twists the obstacles you encounter--twists them into the reasons he must do business with you--or get the sharp end of a long knife! (Soft and vulnerable, Mr. Prospect is--his sponge-like brain has a natural weakness for certain gritty little details, so long as they're put in a certain little format. And he doesn't even need the details--you just need to put things in the right format, and he's already finding more and more reasons to buy!)

  • Physicalizing:
    How to cram pure kinetic energy into his mind, so he feels like he must take action now... or burst apart, in a crimson shower of blood and bone! Do it right, and the right actions, the actions you want him to take, will feel like an absolute relief--as if he's been wandering in the desert for four days, craving water... and there you are, with a glass of water! (Mr. Prospect is a live wire of coiled desire--and if you don't use this fact, you're going to lose money! You've got to use all that hunger and pressure building inside him--prime him, charge him, point him--then make him want to use that pressure--make him want to pull that trigger--make him want to buy right now!)

  • Shoving Him Down the MMF:
    How to make him focus on what's important... get him to seriously consider what he has to win and lose... realize he has to make a choice, right now... and then, turn the screws! You'll learn the hidden structure of male decision-making, and how to get him, bit-by-bit, to accept things the way you want them to be..., and then, having accepted the new facts... how to make him take the action you want him to take. You will learn to make him obey! (Overwhelm Mr. Prospect with the most powerful tool of them all--force him down the drain of his own, built-in, preprogrammed thinking pattern, so even as he's swirling down the drain, he realizes his instinctive decision to buy is entirely his own idea--that spending money and investing is good--that it all comes down to taking action and buying right now!)


Let's follow the progress of "M. B.", a customer in Seattle using the GBSS course. (Wait-- are these results "typical"? Probably not! Most customers of any training course don't stay motivated enough to fully get the benefits. The question is: How much do you, personally, want power and money and success, and how hard are you, personally, going to charge after what you want? If you're ready to use the power of GBSS, keep reading. I guarantee it'll give you the power to rock the world of those lucky enough to meet you!)

"this stuff kicks ***!!!!!!!! Just a few tweaks to my Intro, I sell Personal Training, and I've jumped to the #5 spot in my company in sales, this ain't no cracker jack outfit we provide trainers to gyms all over the country...so this is no easy feat, and I've only had access[to GBSS]for 3 days!!!! Truly looking forward to the rest of the package."
--M.B, Seattle, WA

Wondering what results you can get with GBSS?

Want to see what happens with "M.B." next?

You'll see his next update in a few moments.

It's time for...

Scientific Proof:
Men and Women
Process Language and Emotion Differently
  • The brains of men and women react differently to words.
  • Words can give women intense pleasure.
Learn how women think!

In late 2000, researchers at the University of Indiana employing functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) --brain scans-- made a striking observation: Men's and women's brains react differently to language.

When a man hears language, only the brain hemisphere associated with logical, linear thinking tends to activate. A woman, hearing the same language, will activate both the logical and emotional hemispheres.Women respond much more emotionally than men to language.You need to sell to men and women in different ways.

GBSS will show you how.

You'll see more scientific proof in a moment...

Now, though, it's time for...

STEP 2: Let's Review the Mind-Blowing, Irresistible Techniques
You are About to Learn
for Hypnotically Selling to and Persuading Women
  • Open Eyes, Open Mind:
    How to use your eyes to naturally and organically open her to your suggestions. (Make Ms. Prospect realize that she's sharing the presence of someone truly special... and if she truly wants what she feels she wants, she'd better keep listening...)

  • Open Ears, Open Heart:
    How to make her feel truly listened to, understood and supported, so that buying from you becomes an expression of the person she wants to be. (Escort Ms. Prospect down the rosy little pre-planned path of open expression, so her chance to truly express herself becomes your chance to make her want to spend money on your kindness!)

  • Preserving the Emotional Environment:
    How to use her existing feelings as a bridge to the world your product creates. (Keep Ms. Prospect buying and wanting and buying, by showing her the special hidden benefit...of spending money right now... with you!)

  • Perfect Spiral, Perfect Center:
    Discover the right way to connect the benefit and the sale. (Learn the huge mistake other men have made, trying to sell her in the way she way she doesn't want to be sold. Ms. Prospect isn't going to take that anymore! And this means, she wants the right way, she wants to spend money on the right salesman, selling the right thing, more and more!)

  • Displacement:
    How to help her feel good about feeling good, in a way that makes you feel really, really good. (Ms. Prospect's guilt, shame, and inhibition about her intense, instinctive, unspoken desires--the desires she tries to cover up--give you a tremendous advantage--once you take the step of learning how to use it! It's like there's a little metal zipper between your thumb and forefinger--slowly pull it down... and you'll lead her to sense what she can have... and want it... while still feeling good about the incredible longing within her! Feel her smile... and buy some fun with that credit card!)

  • Rich Earth, Pure Sky:
    How to use words in a way that will allow her to melt with pleasure, so that she appreciates your product more deeply than she ever could have guessed. Her eyes will go wide with wonder, and her surrender to the sale will come ever closer. (Get ready to knock your socks off--and Ms. Prospect's, too, if she's the toned, athletic type that wears them. You can use certain types of words to make her imagine things... feel things... want things... that make using that credit card, right now, an absolute snap. Make her feel really, really good--make her buy. Right. Now.)

  • Profound Internalization:
    How to help her open herself completely to the value of your product, so that her emotions and her soul itself are touched by what you offer. In moments, she'll open so completely that she'll pull the essence of your product within her, and she will incorporate what you offer into her sense of who she is.

    You will guide her to an extraordinary sales experience, one that changes her view of what is possible, one that reminds her of all the dewy dreams left unglimpsed and unfulfilled inside her. She will be a very happy, very loyal, very faithful customer. Reward her, by making her feel the pleasure of wanting even more.

    (Use this... and feel whatever resistance Ms. Prospect had left spreading wide open. You're putting the sale forward, driving the sale home. She's grateful and shining, because you're making the offer exactly the way her emotions need it. And you know they need it. You feel the want, the hunger, the desire. It's like a pulse. You're using the exact format she most craves, and so she incorporates what you're telling her into how she feels, what she wants, who she wants to be. You've succeeded in making her know she's going to buy... so just hand her the pen... run that card through... close the deal. Time's wasting, and you've got money to make.)

How Fully Are You Taking Gender, and the Different Styles Needed for Selling to Men and Selling to Women, into Account?
(If You Aren't, It's Probably Leading to a Certain Sense of What You're Missing Out On... and a Sorry Feeling When You're Standing at the ATM Machine!)

But the Part of You That Sells Best is the Part of You That Also Knows How to Buy Best--
So Supercharge Your Success...
By Stepping Into Your Customer's Shoes--
How Good Will They Feel When You Are Using
GBSS To Make Them Feel Revved and Rippling
and Sizzling and STRONG?

"I listened to the [GBSS audios]
and started using the method--
and it works wonders!"


Scientific Proof:
Male Brain
Female Brain
Gender difference, nlp, and hypnosis.
The female brain has a wider pipeline between brain hemispheres (a bigger corpus callosum) than the male brain. It readily combines signals from the left (logical, language-oriented) and right (associative, emotional) hemispheres. Words easily touch a woman's emotions.

Men and women have different mental pathways to getting eager and motivated... and now you can take action and get what you want from both!

Whether you're in real estate, management, direct sales, or you just want to supercharge your skills in persuasion and influence...

Gender-Based Subliminal Selling is the Ultimate Hypnotic Sales Technique...
Because this is the Selling Tool
that Cracks the Code
to Your Customer's Hidden Hunger!

If you're like most of our customers,
you're aware of the selling power of NLP.

And you're eager to seize this power...
and triple it.

So keep reading to discover
how to grab the deep wiring
that makes men and women take action.

The Explosive Fusion of Gender Science,
NeuroLinguistic Programming, and
Fast, Deep, Driving, Compelling Hypnosis Gives You the Armor-Piercing Power of the Most Effective Sales Technique Available.

The Solid-Steel Impact of GBSS will Help You Punch Right Through Resistance... And Sales Will Become Fun Again, Once You Know You Wield the Most Effective Selling Tool, the Strongest Selling System There Is.

And Because You are Carefully Reading
This Page, the Pounding, Propulsive, Hypnotic Selling Power of GBSS Can Belong to You...
While Your Rivals Will Never Know
What Hit Them.

GBSS teaches the exact differences between the ways men and women think and feel. GBSS shows you precise, unique methods to immediately reach the emotional buttons that attach to these differences. GBSS gives you the buttons--all you need to do is push smooth and push hard.

GBSS allows you to punch your customers' "Buy This Now!" buttons with extraordinary speed, precision, and power.

"I actually like [GBSS] better
than the [internationally-respected sales course
from a famous NLP trainer/motivational speaker]
I attended. You've really got an
incredible line of products. "

You may be wondering,
"Just how powerful is this so-called technology,
in the real-world? Maybe it's fine in the lab,
but how well can I really use it with people?"

Earlier versions of this technology
I've been selling for years to the
underground "NLP/hypnotic seduction"
subculture. You can read some customer feedback below.

"F**king unbelievable--
I have been studying NLP for couple of yrs now... and still it is very difficult to construct the patterns... and you.... YOU simplified it so much... I was so reluctant to order the product but I did it any way...
I am glad that there are guys out there who think this is all crap--
it's because of them I have the ultimate edge."

--N. P., Ann Arbor, MI

If you'd like to read many more testimonials
about my products, just visit www.sexualkey.com.

If you'd like to gain equivalent power over men,
so that you can sell to them, persuade them,
and lead them with ease and comfort,
please read the details on GBSS right on this page.

Picture How Much Pleasure Firmly Guiding and Driving the Increasingly Receptive Emotions of Your Customers
by Relentlessly Using

the "Yes Yes Yes!" Button-Pounding Power

of the "Ultimate Sales Technique"

will Bring as You and Your Always-Reliable,
Rock-Hard, Razor-Sharp Hypnotic Selling Tool
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Reach Decisively for the Ring--

Grab Confidently for the Gold--

and Stack
Towering, Glittering Success
on Top of
Towering, Glittering Success!

Because You're Here, Reading this Page,
You Can Soon Wield the Unique and Devastating Persuasive Power of Gender-Based Subliminal Selling.

Notice How Your Will to Win,
Your Desire for Money, Power, and Unlimited Success
Causes You to Squeeze the Resistance
from Those Who Think You Can't Have This Power...

So Watch What Happens as You Now
Add the Simple, Easy-to-Use

Armor-Piercing Sales Science of GBSS
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Feel Yourself Getting Ready
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Think of Your Personal Milestones!
Think of Your Priv
ate Long-Term Ambitions!
Think of Your Rivals and Enemies!

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Get GBSS and Feel the Power
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Get GBSS, Now!


If you want more money...
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more success...
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then take command of your own future.

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Are you serious about making money?

Are you willing to exploit an advantage?

If you have the right tool...

and you have all the information you need...

are you someone who can take action, now?


Includes 60-page online manual!
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BONUS, with GBSS Gold
NLP Sales, Male Female Mind Emotion Buying Behavior Consumer Behavior Hypnosis Sales Marketing What Gut Impact will Teach You:
The Basics of Neurolinguistic Programming
Covert Hypnosis, Made Easy
Spotting Your Customer's Personality Type
Combining Personality Typing with Covert Hypnosis--
Get Fast, Intense Leverage over Everyone in the Office!
You will have the choice of purchasing with a credit card or PayPal.


GBSS--Selling to Men Audio

See the hidden pressure points of the men around you.

Learn how to shield your own hidden soft spots.

Survey the world
around you,
and choose to
make your mark.

(comes with Gold and Silver packages):
The Gut Impact Manual

"I gained more insight
from your book Gut Impact,
that was immediately implementable, than I had from courses costing me hundreds of dollars."

"Your Gut Impact book is brilliant! Check this out... I have gone to 2 [seminars by prominent trainer] and I think your Gut Impact book has taught me more than both seminars! I like the way you break things down. It's very easy to follow and apply in real world scenarios."
--S. H.

Special Bonus:

A Chance to (Secretly!) Reinforce
Your Agility with the Basic
NLP Persuasion Tools,
the Ones Your Rivals Already Know About!

(Whether you want to smoothly get even more persuasive and charismatic even faster, or just plug in the gaps and holes and soft-spots before anyone notices, this is your chance-- why wait until it's too late?
Just act now to get the jackhammer force
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right now!)

Since you were smart enough to find this website, I'm going to assume that you know basic, standard, canonical NLP. That is, you know something of the following:

  • Mirroring: Using subtle bodily rhythms to relax someone and make that person feel comfortable with you... so he or she will feel comfortable giving you money.

  • Matching: Using someone's existing perceptions and ideas as leverage, so that your sales message becomes increasingly powerful... and it compels someone to start reaching for that credit card.

  • Anchoring: Linking someone's emotions to a cue of your choice, so that you can bring that feeling back at just the right time... and the idea of taking out that credit card is feeling increasingly good.

  • Detail: Using details to alternately confuse or rivet your listener, so that he or she feels relief in just buying right now... because it's clear that not buying could be much, much worse... and now your buyer knows exactly why.

  • Abstraction: Using abstractions and vagueness to sweep your listener along, while building emotional momentum... and buying begins to feel like exactly the thing to do right now.

  • Values: Using someone's abstract mental frames to shepherd him or her toward a course of action... because what someone already believes is exactly the reason why he or she should be buying right now.

  • Metaphor: Using stories and images to gently deliver powerful messages, so that your customer finds a reason to buy right now!

  • Trance Induction: Combining the above tools so as to move someone into the physical and emotional state that makes him or her want to stop... remember the location of that credit card... and get ready to enjoy buying right now.

If you don't already know how to use these tools, well, you're at a disadvantage in today's marketplace. If you can't already use them yourself, you're going to have trouble sensing when someone--a customer, whittling away your hard-earned commission; a vendor, pushing up your cost and pushing down your breathing space; your boss, compelling you to work longer and harder for less than you're worth; your rival, climbing right past you on the ladder to success--is using these techniques on you.

If You Don't Know the Simple Techniques Above, and You're in Business...
You May Not Be For Long.

At any rate, those techniques are the basics. I assume you already know them. Just in case, I'll cover them again as part of the GBSS package, so before you buy, you already know you're covered.

When Someone in Business Refuses
to Educate Himself or Herself,
and Stays Ignorant of These Techniques--
Well, It Brings to Mind a Soft, Fluffy Wounded Bunny
on an Arizonan Highway...
and Here Comes Reality's Big Gray Rubber Tire, Hurtling Toward You...

I also assume you know how to spot and use your customer's personality type. (Things are much harder for you than they need to be, if you still don't know how to do this.) If you're not already perfectly clear on divining what makes someone tick, and how to propel someone of a given type in a given direction--in the direction of making you more money--we can fix that. We'll cover that, also.

The basic NLP tools are vital.

They're vital in the way that food and water are vital.

That is, they consitute the bare minimum.

Why subsist on a hard little biscuit and a few drops of water, as if you're the last remaining hand on a doomed sailing ship?

It's the 21st century. You're not starving. You're not dying. You've got at least enough money to realize you can improve your position, with a smart choice or two. (If you don't, what are you doing online?)

There aren't torn sails above you, and you're not looking at a shipmate's calf with thoughts of hunger.

Relax-- it's the 21st century, you're a free agent, capable of making bold choices. And land is in sight.

For a Moment, Put Aside the Fact That Some of Your Competitors Are Using Any Advantage They Can to Steal All the Profits and "Perks" They Can-- Right Out of Your Pocket! Instead, Focus As Hard As You Can On One Simple Fact:

Women Feel Moved and Opened and Impulsively Excited-- And Men Get Tight-Muscled and Tunnel-Visioned and Amped for Immediate Action-- in Different Ways...
and You Can Decide to Use These Built-In Differences to Rack Up a Killing... or You Can Shut Your Eyes, Try to Unlearn What You Now Already Know, and Tell Yourself You Don't Have to Get the Best Results You Can--
Because There Are Some Powers and Pleasures and Freedoms You Just Do Not Want to Enjoy, Ever!

If--Yes!-- That Voice of Ambition and Determination is Telling You "Yes" to More and Faster and Easier Sales, Yes to Money, Yes to All the Freedom and Power That the Strongest Part of You is Ready to Set Your Sights for...

If You Want to Take Action and Profit from These Automatic, Built-In, Unconscious Hypnotic Differences... Accept That Some Days Really are "Good" Sales Days...
So Doesn't This Feel Like It's Already Yours?


Remember "M. B."? He kept using GBSS... and a little bit later, he emailed again.

"I've moved to the #3 spot in my company.

I changed the "chicken scratch" part of my pitch based on GBSS weds night,
failed on my first 'show' (was too eager) Thurs morning,
but closed the next 13 between Thurs and Friday!!!!
That's just shy of a 93% kill rate..."

--M.B. Seattle, WA

Ready to Feel This Ultimate Hypnotic Selling Power Downloaded Into Your Brain?

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